Mom Life

Know someone who does a stellar job of rocking the mom life? Here’s a free hand lettered printable for you to give them! Directions below…

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DIY coffee cup sleeve

Start Valentine’s day off right by bringing your loved one coffee in a DIY sleeve!

Download this free printable and print, cut, glue and slide onto any paper cup. Preferably you want to print on a nice thick cardstock like kraft paper but a fun coloured printer paper works too!

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Printable pdf and Instructions available HERE

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love you a latte

The perfect card for your coffee addicted loved one!
I love sharing these print-ready designs with you and I especially love this hand lettered design a latte… Print and share the love.

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*Card fits a A1 or 5×3.5″ envelope.


Spring Signage

Now booking chalkboard + window commissions for spring 2017!
Great for promotions, menus, decor, window infographics or wedding signage. After some concept sketches (every project starts on paper of course) I will apply your design to your chalk wall, chalkboards or windows. I can also pick up removable boards and work on them off-site.  Check out some samples of chalkboard design here and get more details and available dates for on-site commissions in Perth and surrounding area. Book quick!

Chocolate trail cookies


I love autumn hikes, so naturally I took my favourite cookie recipe and loaded it with nuts and seeds and packed them up to enjoy in the great outdoors. Want the chewiest, easiest cookie recipe? Signup below to get your free recipe download.

Stress less with ‘More or Less’


I often let my to-do lists stress me out big time. Whenever this happens I sit down with some coffee and write down what I need more and less of; More laughing, less complaining, more courage, less negativity, more hugs and kisses, less over-thinking, more healthy eating, less sugar. You get the idea. The physical act of writing these down makes you remember better and follow through on what you need to feel and accomplish, not to mention put things into perspective. We can all think about it but until we write it out and see it on paper it’s harder to put into action.

I’ve made a pretty printable for you to try out this exercise.
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A weekend with paper

I am continually questioning my business name. Its pretty generic and people often think I’ve misspelled it, but I’m always experiencing wonderful reminders of why I chose that name and how much meaning it had at the beginning and will forever hold.


The History.
Jaana is a pretty unique and uncommon name in North America. With its origin from Norway and its pronunciation a whole other mind game for people to wrap their head’s around, I wanted to use the double ‘a’ as tribute to my parents who gave me that name, giving me a creative edge right from birth. A name that went right from a paper hospital bracelet onto a paper birth certificate. That was the whole idea behind The Paaper Shop + Studio.

Fast forward through school diplomas, marriage certificate, concert tickets, coffee filters and literally hundreds of sketchbooks, my life has always revolved around paper. This past weekend was no exception, and a nice reminder of where paper can take me. A girlfriend and I had a child-free getaway to attend Being Boss with FreshBooks to learn from the pros; a weekend that would not have happened if it weren’t for our event tickets, transit passes, note taking, beer coasters and drink tickets, not to mention all the expense receipts that I took photos of to catalog into my new FreshBooks app! To get really deep, my beloved Brick Street Bakery Almond Croissant came in a paper bag… could you imagine receiving a sweet and sticky treat like that in a plastic bag. All that sugary goodness would stick to the inside!


So there you have it. The reason for my business name and the cool adventures that always remind me why. Here’s the final breakdown of my Paaper Trails:

  • Being Boss Event Ticket
  • Takeout Coffee Cups x20+
  • Transit Passes + Transfers
  • Expense Receipts
  • Hand lettered Note-taking
  • Beer Coasters
  • Drink Tickets
  • Paper Treat Bags
  • ‘Crack the Client Code’ Swag Book
  • Kleenex x100 (I had a cold)
  • Tori’s Bakeshop Ba’CON’ Sandwich, wrapped in paper.

Where does paper take you?




Food, Fire + Passion


My heart is on fire. On fire from listening to reviews from all the smiling faces with full and happy bellies. On fire from hearing dozens of requests for the next Night Market. On fire from the adrenaline of pulling together an event I had been dreaming of since moving back home, all in under 3 weeks, amid diaper changes and play dates.


Thank you, Perth (and every corner of Lanark County and beyond) for loving food… really good food, all made from scratch, from local, talented makers. Thank you, for your heritage preservation that lent us its beautiful stone walls to light up with Edison bulbs, acoustic chords, chatter and laughter and most of all, fill with incredible aromas. Thank you to the 600+ souls who passed through those gates to experience food made with passion.


Last night would not have been possible without the amazing women who run Perth Tourism for sponsoring this event and helping with so many details… and for being as excited as we were to make it happen. The encouragement, mentoring, planning, partnership and laughs from Fieldhouse & Heritage Bikes. For all the help and support from my incredible husband, family members, the Stone Cellar, the GWM Hospital Foundation, Jamie Campbell, Dave Balfour, Top Shelf Distillers, Maggie M from the Wedge, Sylvia’s Plant Place and super-dad Paul Joyce. And of course, the Night Market Makers who pulled together some amazing dishes in such short notice and showed us a whole new level of culinary talent. Thank you.


I can’t forget my business partners and mamas-in-crime; Bonnie Joyce and Sam Atkinson. You girls always know how to jump into every idea we conjure up, fall in love with it, drink a lot of coffee and make it a huge success.

Perth, you have 3 very ambitious and energetic young mama’s here who are continually planning unique ways to bring us all together. We’re doing it all for you Perth, we’re searching out all the talent and creativity we can find to make into an event you won’t forget. We hope you have the chance to experience something new and enjoy what’s to come.

For the joy and gratitude I feel I finish with my Dad’s favourite word which has become my favourite legacy of his.



Love letters, lunches and littles

Sometimes I wish technology was around during my childhood only to capture the little things like the love notes my mom left in my lunch box. Whether in marker on the shell of a hard boiled egg or crayon on a napkin this DIY was inspired by her and I hope your littles love this as much as I did.

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Day Pastries + Night Drinks

When Perth’s favourite new bakery wooed us with their flawless croissants and vibrant foodie atmosphere we were more than thrilled to hear they would tease us with savoury delights at night. So now on Thursday and Friday evenings you get to enjoy a tapas style menu and playful cocktail list. Of course they also have some unique local wines and craft beers to pair with their mouthwatering ingredients.

I don’t want to give away this menu’s juicy secrets because you need to experience it for yourself. So here’s just a sneak peek of our new favourite date night at Fieldhouse in Perth ON.

Picnic Whiskey: Lemonade, rosemary and lime.

What the heck are tapas? Its Spanish for a wide variety of appetizers, or snacks, perfect for sharing to make up an entire meal.

Why I love tapas? Tapas is designed to encourage conversation because people are not so focused on eating an entire meal. They can also discuss flavours and ingredients from the dishes they are sharing.

Bacon wrapped olives in aioli

Dressed greens with smoked fish and crisps

Pear, Brie and pesto flatbread

Affogato: Espresso poured over vanilla ice cream with shaved coconut